Mortal Kombat XL With GGPO Support Could Come to PC

The PC version of the Mortal Kombat X that was celebrated has not had things easy because of performance issues and as many setbacks; so much so that from Netherrealm Studios, they ruled out launching Mortal Kombat XL in order to save new problems with a compatible port on PC. But maybe things will change; and it is Ed Boon who has asked the fans what new features they would like to see for Mortal Kombat X via Twitter.

Mortal Kombat X new DLC image

Recently, the director of Mortal Kombat X, Ed Boon, published a new survey that asked fans what new features they most wanted to see in the game. The options were:

1. Mortal Kombat XL with PC GGPO
2. ESL fourth season tournament
3. Balance / improvements to my character

Well, 48% of users want a PC port of Mortal Kombat XL with support of GGPO, Good Game Peace Out, a tool that tries to minimize to the maximum of any hint of lag. On the other hand, up to 41% of respondents calls for a rebalancing of characters. And the fourth competitive season was placed in the last position with only 11%.

Later, the developer announced that more than 10,000 users participated in the vote, and that their demands would be heard.