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Mortal Kombat X Patch 1.04 download available for PS4

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Contrary to the wishes of NetherRealm Studios, the last update of Mortal Kombat X on PC does not prove to be the perfect remedy. This fix was removed from Steam, as you can read from here, to take some time to understand the nature of the new problems it has generated, particularly the loss of save data.

At the same time, a 1.04 update also aired on PS4 with a size of 3GB, some users are lamenting since the appearance of recurring CE-34878-0 crash when starting the game on the Sony console. This error code had already affected other users at title launch in April.

Mortal Kombat X Patch 1.04 download
Mortal Kombat X Patch 1.04 changelog

Those who escape the crash however benefit from a time of more rapid access to different functions online, which is the original purpose of the 1.04 update. You can find the official Mortal Kombat X PS4 patch 1.04 changelog in the above image which states that the update basically “shortens the time it takes to access online features”.

In addition, the arrival of the DLC character of Jason was delayed a few hours on all platforms, including those who have taken care to invest in the Kombat Pack.