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Mortal Kombat X more Character DLC Packs download available soon

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Mortal Kombat X has slowly got new characters in the form of DLC. And it is found that in coming time there will be more DLC packs coming up that will have new characters in it. Like the recent release includes Predator and Tremor. The pack not only brings a new character but with that some new Fatalities and Brutalities as well. This is one of the most attractive sections of Mortal Kombat X game. The game was entirely revamped with a new style of combat system. And at the end when a player’s health reaches to minimum, the opponent can use brutality or fatality to give him a deadly ending. It is pretty amazing to see those in the form of animations.

Mortal Kombat X Tremor Character
Mortal Kombat X Tremor Character

New fatalities and brutalities is still a high USP for Mortal Kombat X. The game contains a lot of old character and I do not think the roster is still complete. There will be more new character coming up in the form of DLC. It is bit suspense who those characters will be. The game is having amazing two player fight combat system where they can compete with each other holding unique skills and power. It is a competitive game. It would be surprising to see a battle between 4 players together where games can play in co-operative mode.  Mortal Kombat X is still missing a lot of popular characters. And in coming time the developer might provide those characters one by one in the form of DLC. Tremor is the latest one, what would next.