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Mortal Kombat X “Kombat Pack 2” with Meat Character DLC download available soon

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Mortal Kombat X is a fighting game that was released on April of this year and now there is a leaked tweet (below) which says there will be a new DLC that will add new content to the game. Called as Kombat Pack 2, this new DLC will be having a new character as well. Yet this is just a leaked tweet by Ed Boon who is the creator of this game.

This tiny tweet has leaked with a GIF file that does not give in-depth details, but it is enough to figure out that we are surely getting a new DLC for the game. The most common thing that you will find in such DLC is some new playable characters with distinctive fatality skills. Yet is not clear what is going to be included. Ed Boon is able to create a new suspense regarding the Kombat Pack 2 DLC. Most of the sites are revolving around the assumptions but a more clarification is needed from the developer’s side.

Being the newest content, Kombat Pack 2 can regain gamer’s interest in Mortal Kombat X. The last DLC was released with new characters that were based on the themes of Friday the 13th. And that DLC was also a paid one. With that there was some classic skin pack also. Mortal Kombat X is released on different platforms together and it is quite obvious that the DLC will also be provided on other platforms. We are waiting for the actual release date and a bit more information of this new DLC pack, so we can update you about it as early as possible. Stay tuned.

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