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Mortal Kombat X Kold War Skin Pack DLC download available now

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Mortal Kombat X is a popular fighting game. It brings up some new fight tactics with a Fatality section that adds more violence in the game. This new version is interesting and competitive. The game is based on extreme fights between different characters. Mortal Kombat X gets a new DLC with a bit of impressive look for the fighters. The DLC is based on army soldiers that seem a bit entertaining. If you had got bored with the current costume, and style then this new DLC will add a new look and you can start playing with interest again. The DLC is officially available on Steam for download. The cost is $3.99. You can add a look for old soldiers on the characters and fight. There are no other improvements or any new kind of fighting tactics in it.

As the name suggests, Kold War Skin Pack DLC, this package only brings new looks and costumes. You can find Sonya Blade, Revolution Kano, etc; in the pack. There is a small trailer released also which reveals the new looks of these characters that you can checkout below. As far as I had seen a few users are not really happy with the pack, they were expecting a bit more. The gameplay remains the same as it was before, only adding the skin would not be interesting for the gamer. The game developer can introduce some new fighting movement or something extra that can justify its cost. Overall there are certain mods available for the game that allows you to have similar changes.

Download Mortal Kombat X Kold War Skin Pack DLC by visiting Steam Store from here.

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