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Mortal Kombat X Final Tremor DLC download available on July 19

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Mortal Kombat X Final DLC has been announced recently and now finally we got a release date for this game. The DLC will be coming on July 19. This DLC will introduce a new game character called Tremor in Mortal Kombat X and with that some new set of Fatalities as well. The game is quite popular from the time of release and it is also getting new patches/updates regularly. The game is very competitive and also has quite brutal gameplay. But the fatality part of the game is far more impressive where a player gets a chance to end a match in different way. This would the 4th expansion for the game that is about to come early and with that a new character would be impressive to play few matches back again. When it comes to DLC this game is getting slow updates regularly. It looks like the game developer is very specific for character release. They are releasing it in single pack only.

Mortal Kombat X Final Tremor DLC Screenshot
Mortal Kombat X Final Tremor DLC Screenshot

I was expecting that in coming time we might get a bunch of characters together in the form of DLC. But rather we had noticed that there are single characters getting released one by one. Like the Predator character before and now Tremor. The most impressive part of this new character is its fatalities that show up three different types of attacks. This is Aftershock, Metallic and Crystalline. Under Aftershock, Tremor can create earthquake type effect to end the opponent. And in other two, Tremor can use gold and lava armor. Mortal Kombat X is highly creative when it comes to combat. You can also watch Mortal Kombat X Tremor Fatalities and Brutalities leaked image in the video below:

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