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Moon Hunters coming to Xbox One on July 19

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Kitfox Games is pleased to announce that Moon Hunters, role-playing game in pixel art that is already available on PC and PlayStation 4 will also arrive on Xbox One on July 19. On this occasion a new launch trailer was published that you can find at the bottom of this news.

Kitfox Games has announced that its Moon Hunters, cooperative RPG, will be released on July 19 on Xbox One after the initial release for the PC.

Moon Hunters is a RPG in pixel art with top-down view, set in a fantasy world reminiscent of ancient Mesopotamia. Most of them are linked to the freedom of action and decision of the players, who have in their hands the future of the universe of Moon Hunters.
In a hand-to fight and the other players will be called upon to make a series of choices that will shape the personality of their character. Reputation, which will depend on the decisions that players make, will cause the world to react accordingly.

This Moon Hunters allows up to four players to choose a hero and spend five days tracing their legend. Whenever they restart their journey, the world is different and there are different goals.

The version of Xbox One will be available starting in the next month on July 19, the DLC will also include Eternal Echoes released on PC.