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Monster Hunter XX will run at 30 FPS on Nintendo Switch

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As reported by some users who have tried the demo of the game during the Monster Hunter Summit, Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch will run at 30 fps, just like the version for 3DS.

Monster Hunter XX is coming to Nintendo Switch, and many of the fans would have expected a significant increase in graphics performance of the Capcom title.

Apparently, however, the fluidity of that version will be stabilized at 30 fps, just like the 3DS edition. According to several experts who have tried the game in the Monster Hunter Summit in Tokyo, were able to confirm the fluidity at 30 frames.

In Japan, Capcom held the Monster Hunter Summit last weekend. The event was held at Tokyo Big Sight and people had a chance to participate in various activities related to the popular monster hunter.

There was a tournament focused on Monster Hunter XX of the 3DS and there were also a variety of booths so that the guests could have fun.

We should also note that even the Nintendo 3DS version ran the game at 30 frames per second, and both versions will be compatible for cross-play.

It is not clear whether this value relates only to the demo shown at the fair, or whether it is also confirmed for the final version of the game, Capcom has not yet ruled anything on it.

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Version will be released in Japan on August 25, the launch in Europe and North America is not yet specified at this time.