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Monster Hunter XX will release on Nintendo Switch

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There is good news for fans of Monster Hunter, as Capcom has just announced that Monster Hunter XX will release on Nintendo Switch.

Capcom has officially announced that Monster Hunter XX will arrive on Nintendo Switch. The lovers of Japan’s most acclaimed role playing and action saga, one of the three most sold franchises of the last fifteen years in the country of the Rising Sun, is heading for the hybrid console of the Big N.

The title, Monster Hunter XX Double Cross, recently arrived on Nintendo 3DS, concretely the month of March of 2017, and at the moment it has accumulated almost 1.5 million units sold; This is an extended version of Monster Hunter X (Monster Hunter Generations in the West), with more areas to explore, a number of expandable catchable creatures and new combat styles along with the introduction of more items and weapons.

Unlike Generations, Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross has two monsters as the main badge: Barufaruku and Devils Mute.

So, Monster Hunter XX is an improved version of Monster Hunter Generations, title that debuted for the first time to Nintendo 3DS. Now, users of Nintendo Switch will also enjoy this title.

For now, there is no more information on this, but do not despair, as Capcom mentioned that they will hold a special Monster Hunter event this weekend, where they will release more details of this title.

Recall that E3 2017 is very close, so it is likely that in the event of Los Angeles they will also reveal some data on the game.

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