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Monster Hunter XX announced for Nintendo 3DS

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Capcom has announced Monster Hunter XX, an updated and improved version with new content of Monster Hunter Generations.


Capcom took advantage of the recent Monster Hunter Direct to present Monster Hunter XX, a new expansion for Monster Hunter X which is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has also released the first image dedicated to the game, that can be seen above.

Revealed during the Nintendo Direct focused on Monster Hunter which was broadcasted this morning, XX continues the tradition of the Monster Hunter series to release a version of “G” or “Ultimate” of the last game before bringing to the table a full sequel.

Like the original title, its release will take place exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and among its new features we will find that two new styles of hunting are added, the defendant G range will be included and of course, new monsters to hunt.

There will be six of these new creatures and one of them will be a new variant of the classic Diablos, while the other, called in Japan as Barufaruku, who will star in the cover of the game.

At the same time there will be a major new city, a new scenario, more weapons and new skills. The good news is that if you already have Monster Hunter Generations, you can import your data to this new version.

Its Japanese release is scheduled for March 18 and so far nothing has been said anything about its possible arrival to the West.

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