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Monster Hunter World Update 1.06 and Download Available on PS4 and Xbox One Respectively

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In the last few hours, Capcom has made available the 1.06 and updates for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Monster Hunter World.

Capcom released today the update for the Xbox One version and the 1.06 patch for PlayStation 4 of its Monster Hunter: World, the latest incarnation of the franchise launched during the last month of January on the aforementioned platforms.

According to the official descriptions of the two updates, they should improve the matchmaking algorithm on Xbox One and correct a series of minor bugs on both gaming platforms. Here are the new features introduced:

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

1. Fixed an issue that occurred when players had 31 or more Slashberries in their item pouch at the time of the last update (PS4: Update 1.05 / Xbox One: Update where the maximum number of Slashberries a player can hold in their item pouch was reduced from 60 to 30. This update will move any Slashberries exceeding 30 in your item pouch to your item box.
2. Made additional fixes to an issue fixed in the last update (PS4: Update 1.05 / Xbox One: Update where, rarely, uninvited non-squad members could join a Squad Online Session, or Squad members could not join one of their own.

Xbox One:

1. Readjusted the search algorithm when searching for another player’s session to join.

Monster Hunter World is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while on PC it will arrive during the autumn.