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Capcom: Monster Hunter World Switch Port Too “Difficult” To Come

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Monster Hunter World has been a success worldwide after its launch last January and, like all successful games in recent months, some fans have thought and expressed their desire to come at some point to Switch. However, Capcom spoke again about the issue and there is no good news for the Nintendo console users because bringing the title to it would be difficult.

Haruhiro Tsujimoto, the president and chief operating officer of Capcom, spoke with Toyo Keizai about the specific development conditions of Monster Hunter World and discussed the issue of a probable port for Switch.

Initially, the Capcom official explained that the new installment of the Monster Hunter series was planned to exploit the potential of home consoles and PCs, in addition, the developers wanted the title to be on platforms with high technical specifications to be able to deploy adequate way the different ecosystems present in the game world.

Regarding the possibility of bringing Monster Hunter World to Switch, Tsujimoto acknowledged that there is a great demand for that to happen and mentioned that to try to satisfy the users of the console they chose to launch Monster Hunter XX.

At the same time, the manager said that taking into account different conditions, it would be difficult to create a game port for Switch and considered that their differences with respect to the current home consoles and their player base complicate the arrival of the title.

Although the response of Tsujimoto represents bad news for Switch users waiting for Monster Hunter World, the manager hinted that there would be a small chance that this would happen, saying that the development team responsible for the series seeks to adapt the software. The characteristics of each platform and the possible adaptation of the Capcom games to the Nintendo console is a topic that will be studied in the future.

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