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Monster Hunter World Ships 5 Million Copies Worldwide


Capcom Japan has announced that it has shipped five million units of Monster Hunter World worldwide since its launch on January 26th.

The data includes retail copies for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the Collector’s Edition, download cards and digital copies purchased from the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store. This is an absolute record for the series, the highest number ever recorded by a Monster Hunter title in the first three days of market presence.

This figure adds the distributed physical units and digital sales on PS4 and Xbox One. With these sales, Monster Hunter World becomes the fastest-selling Monster Hunter in its history. The Monster Hunter saga is placed at 45 million units sold since its first installment for PS2 in 2004.

Monster Hunter World made its first place in the top 10 UK sales classification, dethroning Call of Duty WWII, according to analysts the game will register a good debut in Japan and North America.

With the 5 million units shipped to stores and sold digitally, Monster Hunter World has become the game in the series that most units sold, with only the initial shipment.

Monster Hunter World is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the version for Windows PC will arrive during the fall via Steam.