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Monster Hunter World Sells Over 10 Million Copies, Surpasses 2 Million on Steam

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With over 2 million copies sold on Steam to date, global sales of Monster Hunter World on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC have exceeded 10 million total units. A decidedly noticeable result for the Capcom series.

After reaching 8.3 million copies distributed on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the end of July, Monster Hunter World became the protagonist of a very successful launch on Steam, selling over 2 million copies on the Valve platform in just a few days.

According to the SteamSpy data, in fact, the estimated number of Steam users in Monster Hunter World range between 2 and 5 million, a considerable sum that adds up to 8.3 million copies distributed on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that brings global sales of the game beyond the 10 million mark.

From the moment Monster Hunter World made its debut on Steam, the title managed to break down several records becoming the most successful PC game at launch in the history of Capcom and the entire Japanese gaming industry.

As can be seen on SteamCharts, moreover, the number of active users simultaneously has exceeded the peak of 329 thousand players, making the Capcom hunting game one of the most played titles on Steam of the moment.

We will obviously wait for official communications from Capcom, but it is clear that this represents a great victory for the Japanese publisher. The decision to bring the series on domestic consoles outside the Japanese market, and moreover to import it on PC, seemed quite risky even in the face of the investments required for such a chapter.

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