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Monster Hunter World Guide: How To Get Sakura Costume of Street Fighter V

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The second part of the Monster Hunter World quest event dedicated to Street Fighter V is available from May 4, allowing all hunters to get the costume of Sakura Kasugano. Here are some practical tips to complete the mission and unlock the new armor set.

To start the Quest you just need to access the Challenge Quest and talk to the attendant of the arena missions, but provided you have a Hunter Rank of at least 12 (otherwise you will not be able to participate in the mission). Now, all you need to do is accept one of the three challenges available, selecting one of the following: Empress in Full Bloom I, II and III.

Since the three missions are identical to each other, we suggest you choose the one that allows you to use the loadout with which you are best, so as to make things easier. In any case, the goal will be to hunt a Pink Rathian, a faster and much more powerful version of the normal Green Rathian. Considering that the monster is calibrated to be faced by two players, the presence of a second hunter on the battlefield could considerably simplify the fight.

Despite its power, the Pink Rathian has the same weaknesses as the normal counterpart. We list them below:

Dragon: very vulnerable
Stunning: very vulnerable
Lightning: on average vulnerable
Sleep: on average vulnerable
Paralysis: on average vulnerable

The same goes for the strengths, to keep in mind so as not to waste time with little effective approaches:

Water: not very vulnerable
Ice: not very vulnerable
Poison: not very vulnerable
Outbreak: not very vulnerable
Fire: invulnerable

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Also remember to use the Lightning Pods to drop the monster on the ground and stun it when it is in flight. Before starting the battle, take advantage of buff items such as seeds and pills, and make sure you have a good Mantle and a Palico in your defense, as well as a good supply of Antidotes to use in case of poisoning. Finally, in particularly critical situations, do not hesitate to use the Sphere of Return with the right timing.

Once completed the task you will get special materials and a certain amount of tickets dedicated to the event, essential to get the costume of Sakura at the Forge. To be more precise, if you choose to face the challenge to Rank A you will get three Tickets, while you will get two at Rank B and only one at Rank C. We would point out that to craft Sakura’s armor set you will need 4 Tickets, 4 Hunter king coins, 4 Pink Rathian coins and 6 Pink Rathian scale+.

The event will only be available until May 17th, so try to take advantage of it until you are on time. To all the players of Monster Hunter World, we remind you that in these days you can also complete the Red Code event to get the costume of Dante by Devil May Cry.