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Monster Hunter World Guide: Best Lance Combos

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A Lance is a big weapon in Monster Hunter World, but the best thing about using this one is you get the thrust and shield to protect yourself from the monsters attack. The weapon is the best when it comes to defense. There are various types of blocks you can choose to defend yourself from a powerful attack. You can also hide behind the shield and use the Lance at the same time.

Some of the benefits of Lance is Forward Charge, where you get 3 seconds high-speed power, it is ideal to launch a perfect attack on an escaping enemy. Or you can also use the same if you are too low on health. The weapon is ideal for those who use dodge a lot. Even in the worst survival situation, Lance is the only weapon that can help you to counter-attack. Combos and Thrust are very easy to learn so this weapon is also good for beginners.

Useful Combos:

Basic Combo: This can be used for few attacks; you can attack and dodge away for safety.

  • Mid Thrust I > Mid Thrust II > Mid Thrust III > Sidestep (Left/Right)

Close Range Attacks: Using this combo helps you to attack the monsters as well stay behind the shield. You can protect yourself and attack at the same time.

  • Guard Dash > Leaping Thrust > Into Thrust Attack

Endless Thrusting Combo: Just endless thrusting combo for getting higher damage.

  • Cancel Thrust > Into Thrust Attack > Cancel Thrust > Into Thrust Attack

If you want to check out a video to know how Lance combos really work refer the video below by PWARGaming. In addition, you can also check Monster Hunter World Beginner’s Guide and Tips at this link.