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Monster Hunter World Guide – How To Find And Kill Deviljho

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Deviljho is a huge monster in Monster Hunter World, it is added with the DLC and it does not come with the main game. So if you are trying to locate it, then in this Monster Hunter World guide you can find the exact location of Deviljho and also the gears you will get after killing it.

Deviljho Location Monster Hunter World:

You will have to complete Pink Rathians Special Investigation Quest from the story. You will have to get Hunter Rank 12 because Deviljho is a 7-Star High-Rank Monster, so you will have to complete the quest to locate the monster. After you are done with the quest and getting a high rank, now locating the monster is bit tedious but this process works.

You have to go on the map and look for the expedition with a question mark on it. You will find expeditions with three question icon mark on them, this indicates unknown monster icon. You have to visit each place and locate which monster is behind the question mark. This is a time consuming but you will be able to locate Deviljho.

Once you get the track of the monster, don’t hunt it, just return to the HQ. You will see three old dwarf type characters who will give you a special investigation quest.  Complete the quest and you will get Deviljho official optional quest in the game menu.

Deviljho weapons, what you get in Monster Hunter World Free DLC:


  • Berserker Sword
  • Anguish
  • Reaver “Cruelty”
  • Reaver “Calamity”
  • Fatal Jho
  • Fatal Bite
  • Wrath & Rancor
  • Wrathful Predation
  • Devil’s Due
  • Devil’s Crush
  • Devil’s Maestro
  • Deep Vero
  • Grief Lance
  • Fiendish Tower
  • Ravenous Gunlance
  • Insatiable Gunlance
  • Tyrannos
  • Terror Tyrannos
  • Tyrant’s Charge Blade
  • Oppressor’s Charge Blade
  • Bad Wing
  • Grunge Storm
  • Devil’s Grin
  • Devil’s Madness
  • Gluttonous Cannon
  • Dark Devourer
  • Insurgent’s Bow
  • Villainous Brace
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Deviljho is weak to thunder and dragon, the best way to bring it down is to target the Head, Belly, and Tail. All these three parts can be broken.

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