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Monster Hunter World Devs to Fix Matchmaking Issues on Xbox One Soon

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Games based on an online environment are liked by millions of players around the world and an experience like that offered by Monster Hunter World no doubt generates a greater expectation. However, this type of games are not unrelated to the contingencies of the online game, especially at the beginning of its life cycle, and it seems that the players of Xbox One have not been able to enjoy a good monster hunt due to problems in the matchmaking system.

After the game was officially released last Friday, Capcom released the patch corresponding to the online environment of the game and PS4 users could start with the experience without setbacks; however, the situation was not the same for Xbox One players, who reported problems in the matchmaking system and the absence of game sessions to integrate.

As you know, Monster Hunter World allows you to create private sessions or join other players and live the traditional experience of the series, but for the Xbox One community, this has not been satisfactory, especially for the large number of users who want to enjoy the game with all the characteristics of its online environment.

Since yesterday, Capcom noted the problems and informed the players of Monster Hunter World on Xbox One that its team was already working to find the cause and offer a solution.

Despite having the certainty that Capcom already knows about the problem, Monster Hunter World users on Xbox One opened a subreddit to report on the situation and share their experiences. There, many players have shared the idea that the absence of a beta phase on Xbox One is the cause of the problems they face today.

Monster Hunter World is available on PS4 and Xbox One.