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Monster Hunter World Day One Patch Detailed

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Capcom announced all details about the first patch of Monster Hunter World, available from January 26, release date of the game. The Day One Patch weighs 815 MB and will unlock various features, including online multiplayer and in-game chat.

The patch 1.01 unlocks the online features of the game, including multiplayer, quest events and in-game chat, otherwise inaccessible features without installing the update. The news, however, does not end here because the update also includes the ability to receive additional content through the My House service and adds the gallery in the initial menu used to be able to review the replays of some sequences. In addition, the Poogie mascot character is added to the Headquarters.

The Day One patch also adds support for new languages (text only) including Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. The game will be translated and dubbed into Japanese, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Also guaranteed is the correction of some bugs and minor problems.

A second update will arrive in the spring and will include support for the first DLC, as well as new skins, facepaints, and free cosmetic items for all players.

You can check the overview of Update 1.01 below:

. Required Space
Approximately 815 MB

. Additional System Features
– Multiplayer, event quests, chat functionality, and other online features
– Now able to claim content via the Housekeeper in your room
– Gallery Mode added to the title menu
The gallery allows you to view all of the cutscenes you have watched so far in the game. The player character that appears in the cutscenes will vary depending on which save data you have loaded.

. Poogies Added
Once you have made enough progress in the story, a Poogie will appear in the tradeyard in Astera. Get the Poogie to warm up to you by petting it in just the right way! Once it’s friendly with you, pick it up and carry it to different places throughout Astera… and you might just be rewarded for your kindness!

. Additional display languages vary by region.
In addition to Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish, the following languages will be added.
Additional voices will not be added.
Additional display languages vary by region.
– North America, South America: Brazilian Portuguese
– Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Africa, India: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian
– Asia: Traditional Chinese, Korean
– Japan: no additional display languages

. Other Changes
The update will also include various minor bug fixes.

Monster Hunter World will be available from 26 January in Europe on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and from autumn 2018 on PC.

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