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Monster Hunter World Will Have A Crossover Content With Mega Man


Capcom is not only celebrating the next release of Monster Hunter World, which will hit consoles on January 26 next year, it is also celebrating the 30th anniversary of Mega Man and that is why the historic Blue Bomber will have an appearance in the new title of Monster Hunter.

As part of the PlayStation Experience 2017, Capcom unveiled the new Monster Hunter World trailer where we can see the majestic scenery and the authentic hostile territory that awaits us in the adventure.

The video shows part of the action and interaction with the environment in different ecosystems, of course, we can appreciate the great work done on the stages before engaging in an arduous battle against a monster.

Once the part of the video corresponding to the Monster Hunter World campaign ended, we received a nice news because the title will have Mega Man content, thanks to which Palico will become the Blue Bomber to accompany you in the adventure and pay tribute to the series.

The protagonist of the well-known saga of Capcom appears in Monster Hunter World as an alternative aspect and makes it well equipped: Mega Man will have at his disposal different weapons and skills of its games. This is something that breaks a bit with the aesthetics of the new Monster Hunter series, but those Capcom fans will love.

Thus, the content inspired by Mega Man will consist of original themes of the first titles of the series and a series of special attacks. Without further ado, we leave you with the trailer below: