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Monster Hunter World Guide: How To Complete The Code Red Event and Get Dante’s Costume

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Available from April 27th, the Code Red event gives Monster Hunter World players the opportunity to fight for Dante’s iconic Devil May Cry series. In this guide, in addition to providing you with a quick overview of the event mission, we will try to give you some simple tips to complete it successfully.

A little ‘as it was for the mission of Mega Man, the completion of the event mission in Monster Hunter World will guarantee one or more unique items (in this case it is the object Red Orbs) to be used then in the forge to get the armor set of Dante and his sword, which, for the occasion, falls into the category of loaded blades.

Code Red:
This event mission in Monster Hunter World that you must complete to obtain the red orbs necessary to craft all the available pieces is entitled “Code Red”; presents a level of 8 stars and requires that the hunter is at least Grade 14. Keep in mind, moreover, that the mission will only be available until 11 May.

As can be guessed from the name of the mission and the name of the single prize, the theme of the event in question is precisely the color red. It is not surprising, therefore, that the monsters to be faced are somehow linked to the color of fire or even to the element of fire itself. In fact, on your way, in this order, an Anjanath, an Odogaron, a Rathalos and a Teostra will interfere. A very respectable lineup, which could also be a challenge for expert hunters.

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We also reiterate that the amount of Red Orb obtained at the end of each mission is not fixed. You may be lucky and have to complete it only three times, or be unlucky and have to repeat it up to seven times. Keep in mind, finally, that the mission can be dealt with three other players.

Although the monsters you are facing have quite different strengths and weaknesses, which make it complex to equip properly to better face each of them, there are some basic precautions that, if kept in mind, should make your life easier.

As for the type of damage, the ice is undoubtedly a good choice: all the monsters you will encounter (except the Rathalos) will, in fact, be weak in some way (two stars for Anjanath, three for Odogaron and three for Teostra). Especially if you are going to face the team mission, try to make sure that at least one member of the team is able to inflict this type of elemental damage. As for the defenses, a good idea may be to focus heavily on fire defense, since all the monsters you face (except Odogaron) use this element in some of their attacks.

Dante’s Demonic Blade:
The loaded blade that you can forge when the event is completed several times is the demonic Blade of Dante. It has a fairly high base attack (equal to 720) and a really large blue sharpness bar. In order to forge it, in addition to two Red Orbs, you will need some pieces obtainable from the monsters of the event: a gem of Odogaron, a gem of Anjanath and 4 manes of Teostra.

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Dante α:
The set of armor that you can forge once completed several times the event is the so-called “Dante α”, which includes the pieces “Hair of Dante α”, “Coat of Dante α”, “Gloves of Dante α”, “Belt of Dante α” and “Boots of Dante α”. In its entirety, the set provides excellent elemental defenses to fire, thunder and dragon (15 in each of these defenses), but also considerable weaknesses in the water and ice elements (-15). Each piece can also be equipped individually and will require for the forging, in addition to some materials obtainable from the monsters of the event, a Red Orb.

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