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Monster Hunter World Beta: Tips and Tricks To Hunt Monsters Successfully

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Third and final round of Monsters Hunter World Beta is live today and it will end on January 22, 2019. There are total 4 different quests, compile your team and get set ready to hunt down 4 fearsome monsters. Fearsome Nergigante is available with Great Jagras, Barroth, and Anjanath. The game is all about exploring the hostile world of monsters and hunting down the most fearsome creature to earn rewards. I made this extensive guide that will help you to hunt down these monsters with some strategy.

During the Beta period, you can play solo or you can participate with other players through online mode and help them in their quest. For both modes you have to be online, in beta, not all multiplayer features are active like Guild Cars, removing other players from quest and friend invites.

Below are two guides one is the co-op hunt tips. These tips will guide you when you are playing on a team, and next is the monster hunting tips. You can learn how to bring down that massive monster without dying.

Monster Hunter World Beta Monster Hunting Tips:

  1. Start With Training Area: During the Beta access you will get a chance to test 14 different weapons. These weapons will be available in the Training area, go to this section and learn these weapons. Understand how much damage a weapon can do and their features.
  2. Learn the game UI: If you are new to Beta, spend some time to learn the game UI. You must understand all the elements for a successful hunting. There is a Health and Stamina Bar. Stamina can be recharged by eating. Also, there will be other bars below the clock that will give you the current states of your teammate’s health. You can share your potion to recharge life of other players.
  3. Attack, Roll Back & Attack: At the beginning, you might not be confident with your attacks so follow this simple strategy. Run and attack once. Then roll away and wait for a while. If you had not engaged the monster to attack you repeat the steps.
  4. Take A Break: Always take a break after every mission. Don’t jump on another quest with your teammates. You can reset at one of the four camps in the area. These are the places where you won’t be attacked by monsters. So visit the camps, take some found to refill your energy and then get back to hunting.
  5. Teamwork Is WinWork: For those who had plans to go solo, I will recommend you to find some allies in the game. Some monsters cannot be defeated alone unless you are having powerful upgrades. Try to get some help. And if you are in a team then play in coordination. You can create private sessions where you can let your friends only join you. To provide access you have to share 16-digit code that will be inserted in the search filter of game, in Beta options to directly invite a friend is disabled. Up to 16 players can join and play together.
  6. Monster Trails: If you are lost trying to look around, each of these monsters can leave some trails, like footprints, mucus, destroyed ant-hills, etc. This will help you to find whether a monster is near or far. If you are lost you can take help from the fireflies they will reveal a lot of info about the monster.
  7. Define Your Load-outs: There are 14 weapons in beta, this will increase in the full version. From start trying to work on your load-outs don’t carry a weapon if it is large or cause high damage. It might have a low speed that can make a significant impact in the hunt.
  8. Learn Monsters Attack Pattern: Learn the pattern the way the monster attacks you, this will remain the same but random. By understanding the attack style you will be more confident about your next step. Don’t barge in, get a good view first.

Monster Hunter World Beta All Monsters Location & Tips To Defeat Them:



Nergiante is a huge angry monster, can found at Wildspire Waste. It can regenerate at a fast rate, if you attack the spikes on this body it will grow fast in white color first and turn to black to harden. This can cause high damage as well it can repel the attacks.

How To Defeat Nergiante:

  • Destroy the hard quills on the body covering the monsters, then you can cause some damage to the monsters HP.
  • Focus on the army and try to break it down with the help of your teammates.
  • The battle time is limited to 15 minutes so a powerful team co-ordination is required. All teammates must try to get max attack in shortest possible time.


This large iguana-like monster can be found in Ancient Forest. The monster has spikes on the back but it does not cover the entire body.

How To Defeat Great Jagras:

  • Target the belly to get critical hits.
  • Look for yellow numbers when you attack, this means you earn critical hits. White numbers are low-level attacks.
  • Once you got the critical hit points where you can get yellow numbers, coordinate with your team to target that part of monsters body.


Barroth wanders in Wildspire Wasteland, they have a huge crown-like structure on their forehead. The monster can draw out a heavy plow to smash through anything ahead. If you are in the range of attack then you will surely take damage.

How To Defeat Barroth:

  • Barroth charges towards his enemies with a speed, you will have to think twice before getting in front.
  • Once it charges you get a small window to attack the monsters, try to locate the critical point and use this weakness of monster.
  • Work in a coordination, let one of your teammates go near and engage the monster, once he charges wait back and start attacking a team. Keep a close eye on the critical hit points.


Anjanth resembles Dinosaurs, he is a predator. You can find the monster in the Ancient Forest. Anjanath can blow fire from the mouth.

How To Defeat Anjanath:

  • This monster uses his speed to kill his foes. His moves are unpredictable. He can attack with his tail, jump on you or bite or blow fire. So you have to be very active.
  • Try to learn the monsters attack pattern, this will help you to play defensive.
  • Once again when you attack you have to search for critical hit points, once you have them you can command your team to attack that point for killing the monster in short time.

Once you complete your quest you will get consumables and items. So get your rewards. Monster Hunter World is releasing on January 26, 2018, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In case I miss something above do share your best tips in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.