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Monster Hunter World Beginner’s Guide and Tips

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Monster Hunter World Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Monster Hunter World takes you to a massive lethal world of monsters. If you had just started playing the game in this guide you will find a lot of helpful tips and strategies. After going through a couple of days of gameplay I found the game has a lot of things to explore. In this guide, I am compiling those hours of gameplay experience and hope that it will guide you in your game. The guide has details on modes, controls, customization, game mechanics and import tips to hunt monsters in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World

It is important to plan your step as you begin playing, picking the right weapon, finding armors, properly eating meals between hunt, crafting, exploring the map, are equally important things to do in the game. Monster Hunter World is massive, so take your time to explore surrounding, you might find a lot of valuable items.

What Are The Different Game Modes?

Monster Hunter World allows you to play in two conditions first is solo, as a lone wolf, you go in the jungle to hunt down fierce monsters with the help of AI players or second you can bring your own party of 4 players. You can join other hunter’s party also. Start with Weapon Training Mode. A more like a tutorial mode you will learn the tactics to use the weapons effectively. It is necessary to stay comfortable with weapon controls. When you select New Game you will see an introductory sequence where you will customize your character. Later you will have to follow the entire initial mission to understand the game mechanism. Later you will arrive at Astera the main hub where you can use various services by Hunter’s guild. Through this hub you can create and equip armor, you can get weapons. On the hunt, if you want to change your weapons or armors then you have to look for tents in the camp.

Master Movements & Control?

Yes movements, you cannot ignore this. In Monster Hunter World a right movement can save your life, or give you a lethal hit to kill a monster without much effort. This is also important for a team co-ordination. Every player must be able to understand the movements mechanism. A few basic commands like interacting with the object are very easy to grasp but acing the movement co-ordination needs practice. The console controllers R1/RB is for shooting, the move is managed by the left lever. The right lever allows you to move the camera. By pressing L1/LB you can reset the camera and by keeping it pressed you can get the health bar of a character. To instantly pick an object for using use the Right/Left D-pad. Below images will guide you very well for the controls of Monster  Hunter World based on Dualshock controllers.

Missions Mechanism:

The mission can begin when the leader is ready to end the waiting time. Before the mission begins to spend some time to go through your equipment, try out buying new items if you have cash or craft needed objects.  In Monster Hunter World, you get some time before selecting a new mission. This is your time to take benefit of the internal crafting system, weapon upgrades, character upgrades, etc. Better equipment will ease your hunt. There are Camps in the game, you can visit it anytime. You can have a hot meal, to refill your strength. Also, you get new skills, temporary bonuses, health restoration, resistance values, etc. So it is an important place to visit between missions. It is not necessary to quiet your hunt, just remember the camp location and when you are low on fuel visit.

At the entrance of hub there is a Cash Desk, always visit the place to gather new items before leaving the mission. You can modify your load in the tent, you can pick or remove items you don’t want. You can also customize your partner’s load-out.

There are many surrounding objects in the game environment you can use to increase your chances of success in hunting. For example, if you are spotted you can hide in the bushes around to avoid any instant attack, you can use the vegetations to restore health, you can use insect blunder to the blind monster for a short while, you can create environment traps to cause small landslides, etc. It is necessary to learn what is around you, and later using those objects for your benefit.

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Potions and steaks are an important first aid in the game. You can create mega potions to restore your health, resistance during battle. It is not complicated to figure out the ingredients required to build them, for example by mixing normal potion + first aid+ honey you get the mega potion and first aid. For eating meat, don’t cook raw, mount it and burn it the color will change, and then press Circle / B to consume.

Control List:

Below is the list of all controls for a controller. If you want to change this and use your own then go to Systems > Options > Game Settings. From there you can turn to Damage Indicators. Under Controls in the same area, you can pick Manual Sheathe for Sheathe settings and then go to the Switch section for customizing the keys.

Common Controls:

  • Press X to confirm, for interacting with characters or objects.
  • Press O to cancel.


To find a monster follow the insects and examine the traces left around. Insects will react according to the objects in the area and their position. To set an insect direction manually you have to open the map by pressing the Touchpad and select the target by the right stick. In this way, you can locate the monsters.

If you are fighting a large monster then you can mount it by performing a jump attack. After mounting you can keep attacking the monster unless you fall. Keep a close watch on the mini-map on the bottom of the screen. It will reflect different colors, these are the different actions the monster will do to kick you. You will have to watch and remember these movements to escape safely. Mini-map will glow white, this means you can use a finisher. Remember your stamina will fall when you are on the monster, and you will fall if the stamina is over, so keep an eye on the stamina gauge also.

  • Triangle: Press the key to keep attacking when you mount the monster. You can unleash a powerful finisher also.
  • R2: Use this key when the monster tries to throw you off from his back. Mini-map will turn red, this indicates the monster will now attempt to throw you.
  • Left Stick (L): A monster can body slam you against a wall or any other object. To evade this you can change your position from the Left Stick. Look at the mini-map that will glow red and the camera will zoom in, this is the time you have to use the Left Stick.

The mini-map is a good indicator to guide you in your quest. If you are spotted by a monster you will see glowing green balls, it will turn red when you are in fight and purple when you are hidden from a monster. So keep a close eye on it.

Basic Movement Controls:

  • Left Stick (L): Move Character
  • Left Stick (L) + R1: Dash sheathed weapon. The same can be performed by pressing L3 once and then use Left Stick (L) to dash.
  • Right Stick (R): Move Camera.
  • Directional Buttons (the 4 keys on left): Scroll through Menu item, Press Left and Right key to select a item to use.
  • Square: Use Item when weapon is sheathed.
  • O: Gather or Cave sheathed weapon, press the same to perform action.
  • X: Crouch when weapon is sheathed.
  • Left Stick (L) + X: Dodge or Jump from edges.
  • L1: Reset Camera view. Keep holding the key to display health or stamina, to enlarge minimap, to view radial menu.
  • L1 + Square / O: Select Item.
  • L2: Display slinger aiming reticle when the weapon is sheathed. Right Stick (R)to aim.
  • L2 + R2: Use slinger when the weapon is sheathed. You can also use slinger when the weapon is drawn while using sword or shield.
  • R3: Toggle focus camera.
  • Options button: Open Start Menu.
  • Touchpad button: Display Wild Life Map. Keep holding the button for chat window.
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Readying and Sheathing Weapons:

  • TRIANGLE/R2: Draw sheathed weapon and attack. Press R2 to perform unique attack or weapon actions.
  • SQUARE /R1: Sheathe when the weapon is drawn using the keys to gather material or carve monsters.

Weapons Controls:

Close-Ranged Controls:

  • Triangle: Normal attack when the weapon is drawn.
  • Circle: Special attack when the weapon is drawn.
  • R2: Guard or perform unique weapon action.

Ranged Weapon Controls:

  • Directional Buttons (the 4 keys on left): Select vial or ammo.
  • Hold L2: This will display drawn weapons aiming reticle, use Right Stick (R) to aim. Then press R2 to fire.
  • Triangle: Reload if you are using a Bowgun. You can also use or remove the coating from the bow when weapon ii drawn with the same key.
  • Circle: Perform special attack when light Bowgun is drawn. If you had drawn Heavy Bowgun then use the key to load or remove special ammo. For Bowgun the key can perform a special attack.

Weapons & Tools:

Go to the Training Area from the game Main Menu, and start your Weapon Training at the beginning. This mode will help you to try every type of weapon in the game along with its coatings and different ammo. From here try to learn all type of moves the weapon offer you to hit objects around. To test another weapon you have to change your equipment from the cash desk.

There are long and short range weapons in the game. To pick a ammo for the long-range weapon you have to use the Up or Down stuck, L2/LT are for aiming and right stick will be for direction. Then press R2 / RT for shooting. The Triangle or Y key will help you to recharge your Crossbow, or to equip/remove bow covering. For special attack use the Circle or B button while using Light Crossbow. For more details, you can see the controls section above. For unleashing weapons you have to press R2 or RT. To remove weapon cover use Triangle / Y or R2 / RT.

There are two tools you can use effectively in the hunt. Sling and Grapple. Slingshots using stones and pods from grounds can help you to tackle weaker monsters. If you find something to use then press Circle / B to load slingshot and then hold L2/LT. Aim with the right stick and press R2/RT to shoot. It can be used to attract monsters attention. Grapple on the other side can be used to hold on monsters, you have to select it first and then hold L2/LT.  Then press Circle / B to hold.

You can set a dedicated tool that can provide you some help while hunting. Like you can try out a camouflage coat, this one will hide for some time and you can sneak around to escape or to reach a vital point. There is no limit on using these tools, you can use them as many time you want, but there is a recovery time. You have to wait for few seconds, and then the item can be re-used. Go to the game menu and then select Equipment.


Like many other games, Monster Hunter World has a chat support. You can constantly communicate with your friends and perform many gestures. The chat window can be activated from Game Menu, Options and click on Start. Choose Communication. You can speed up the chat by using preset phrases. Try using a Microphone, so that you can instantly tell your next step. To activate a mic, go to Menu, Options look for Audio and click on Voice Chat. If you want to chat with few friends only, then go to Game Menu and click on Communication. In that select Team Members, here you can choose a few friends for voice chat.

That’s all for the starters guides now, an important point to remember is to keep eating during or in the missions, keep a close track of monsters, and using the best gears and weapons.