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Monster Hunter Stories Presents First Trailer of Rathian

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Capcom presents a new video of Monster Hunter Stories. On this occasion it delivers in showing the Rathain.

Monster Hunter Stories

After publishing a video dedicated to Aptonoth, one of the creatures we meet in the course of the adventure, along with the already known Lagombi, Lagiacrus, Brachydios and Qurupeco, now Capcom has released a new trailer for Monster Hunter Stories, this time focusing on Rathian, one of the powerful monsters that we will meet during the adventure.

It is winged creatures that we find in the game which is already known by the veteran players from previous installments of the series. As you will see in the video, they can be used as mounts for your character. The video lets you to take a look at this monster and discover its main offensive and defensive characteristics.

This title derived from the main saga, is coming to Nintendo 3DS in Japan on October 8th. It will have a combat system by shifts and will focus on a more classic and traditional role-side, unlike the main installments of the series.

However, Monster Hunter Stories has not yet confirmed for Europe launch, so we do not know yet if it will eventually reach their continent or not. Monster Hunter Generations, however, was released in Europe on 15 July, with a good success with the public and critical factor that could pave the way for the arrival of this spin-off.