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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Coming To Nintendo Switch This August

Almost a year after its release in Japan, Capcom decided it was time to launch Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch in the West. Thanks to this, the players of this region will be able to enjoy a localized version of this title, called Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

According to the official announcement, the western version of Monster Hunter XX will be called Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and will be available in physical and digital format from August 28. So far, Capcom has secretly kept the cost of this release.

In case you do not know, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a new version of Monster Hunter Generations, a title that came to America in July 2016 as an exclusive for Nintendo 3DS. Among the novelties presented by the game for Switch are new techniques for all types of weapons; more areas to explore; more monsters and the G missions, which represent a real challenge even for the most experienced hunters. Not to mention that it also takes advantage of the hybrid features of Switch, so you can play it on the TV or enjoy it as a portable title.

It is important to note that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is designed for both veterans and novices. So that the latter do not feel overwhelmed by its difficulty, Capcom implemented Hunter Arts, a powerful type of movement that can be executed by touching the touch screen.

Do you already have Monster Hunter Generations on Nintendo 3DS? So it’s important to know that Capcom will let you transfer your save game progress to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate so you can keep playing from where you stayed.

And what about you, will you give Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate a chance when it comes to Switch? What is the most exciting about this version? Tell us in the comments below.

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