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Monster Hunter Generations Europe Release Date Set for 30 September 2016?

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In the past few hours, Amazon Italy has updated the product page of Monster Hunter Generations, revealing the possible European release date of the game.

Monster Hunter Generations Cover

As reported by the well known online retailer, the title might be available on the Old Continent since September 30, 2016. There are no confirmations from the publisher and this might therefore be a simple placeholder, an indicative date and not a real release date.

Capcom and Nintendo have repeatedly confirmed that Monster Hunter Generations will be released in Europe in Summer 2016. In any case, we are waiting for further clarification.

We remind you that Monster Hunter Generations is not actually a newly released title. In Japan it is known as Monster Hunter X and is available in the market since the day of November 28, 2015, actually a very long time gap. Once again Nintendo has decided not to make any port to Wii U but to publish the game only on 3DS. The game is rumored for a possible version for Nintendo NX but, as usual, it is a mere rumor, to be taken with a grain of salt.

If you are interested in Monster Hunter Generations for Nintendo 3DS, then you cannot miss the recording of this stream in which the game has been tested and shown for nearly three hours from Dr8kHunt6r and SocksyBear: