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Monster Hunter Frontier Z update coming to PS4 on November 22

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Capcom has announced a Monster Hunter Frontier Z version for PlayStation 4.

Monster Hunter Frontier Z

On November 9, Capcom will launch a major update for Monster Hunter Frontier Z, the exclusively online game in Japan, which will change its name to Monster Hunter Online Z.

This is an MMO with subscription belonging to the popular franchise, which had been already previously released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation Vita and PC.

Monster Hunter Frontier was originally launched for PC in 2007, and then adapted to consoles. The versions of PS3 and PS Vita share data and gameplay, so PS4 may also use the same servers. The content of Monster Hunter Frontier Z has not been detailed, but more monsters and missions are expected to be added.

The PS4 version will be available from November 22, in Asian markets. It is unknown whether the title will come to the West, but it seems unlikely.

A little earlier, on September 9, the new update of Monster Hunter Frontier Z for other systems will be published.

The announcement of the port comes after Capcom Korea recently took step for cancellation of Monster Hunter Frontier 2 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

A few hours ago, the company has shared a new trailer showing us the next title in the IP to reach PS4 under the name of Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

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