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Monster Hunter 5 will release exclusively on PS4?

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After the announcement of Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch, the rumor resumes about Monster Hunter 5 coming exclusively on the PlayStation 4: the insider Mr. Pointy had predicted the arrival of Double Cross on the console of the house of Kyoto, for this reason even other leaks from the same source are causing some interest.

As reported by Mr. Pointy at the end of last year, Sony would have ripped to Capcom for the exclusive console of Monster Hunter 5, the game will then exit only on PlayStation 4, but not on other consoles. The aim would therefore be not to get the title on Switch and Nintendo 3DS, but at the moment it is only speculation without confirmation.

Monster Hunter 5 is expected to arrive in 2018, with support for online multiplayer and gameplay redesigned to be more accessible to Western players.

The great success of Monster Hunter X would convince the leaders of Capcom to speed up work on the fifth chapter officially, also speaking of a possible new chapter in the series of Monster Hunter Portable which could arrive on Switch and probably 3DS.

We invite you, as usual, to take this news with proper precaution, in expectation of any confirmation or denial by the publisher.