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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate free DLC pack available for download now

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Capcom has released free updates for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate over the next few months. The first appeared yesterday, on March 6, 2015, and what you all expected, now presents a new video.

From yesterday you can get the first free DLC for Ultimate Monster Hunter 4. It gives you an outfit that reminds of the style of Equipment links from The Legend of Zelda. A sword, a shield, a bow and its clothes also awaits you.

In addition, there is a new episode quest called “Clockwork Contraption” and other new weapons. Likewise, you will receive a piece of equipment set that was developed in collaboration with Universal Studios in Japan. Expected free DLC will be released in the next few months everytime on first Friday. So you can look forward to plenty of supplies. We will report you about the next DLCs when there is new information.

The official Twitter account for the Monster Hunter series reports that the DLC content will be available immediately. In the meanwhile, have fun with the video for the DLC content of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate below.