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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC with Mario and Sonic available soon for download

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Capcom has finally announced a new Free DLC that will be available soon. This DLC s planned to release on Friday of every month. The DLC will be released on a regular basis with more and more new additions. The most recent one is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC. This new DLC will be having Mario and Sonic. The current date is mystery but you can expect this any week. It is going to add new characters, new equipments and upgrades. The patch will be really interesting to see. With characters we are able to collect a few more details. Like this patch is working to add Sonic The Hedgehog Coloration gear.

This also include with some extra quest in the game. Like there will be Event Quests, there will be Challenging Quest, etc. In order to get the DLC you need an active internet connection on your Nintendo 3DS. You have to go in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and then you have to go in the DLC menu to see what new things are offered here. You can instantly download them and start playing. This FREE DLC will also bring some Link’s great that are used in The Legend of Zelda.

Another DLC is also planned to be released in the month of April this year might be in the later weak. This new DLC will bring around 14 new quests to play. There will be two weapons also with 4 Palico Weapons. Under Amor you will get 3 vomplete sets and 7 Palico sets. So stay tune to the DLC.