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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate August DLC Pack download available now

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was released in September 14, 2013 on Nitendo 3DS. This is an Action role-playing game. It is a quite popular game on Nintendo 3DS and now there is a new DLC announced that offers you some extra new content in this game. The game has got regular content after a time interval that would keep the players constantly engaged. The good part of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is that this game has got free content a number of times and regular DLC also helps players to get more extended gameplay. Because once you are done playing the game then you don’t have much to see. This DLC will bring up more interesting monsters in this game. This is the new August DLC packs that will be bring up some things to checkout that you can view in the video trailer below.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate August DLC Pack Pics
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate August DLC Pack Pics

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s new DLC will be having around 10 new quests in the game. With that it is also having 4 new challenge quest and 1 bonus palico. With the game it is going to two more additional content update that is a single Guide Card background and 7 Guide Card titles. So this looks enough for the players to start the game back. Further in future there are also more new content and DLC planned for the game that will be coming up. It is also something interesting to checkout in the coming time. But yet nothing is revealed. The game has not yet got any kind of major expansion. The free DLC would give you a lot of things but with lightweight content that is enough to play new quest.

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