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Money Heist Season 5 Is an Exciting News for Fans and Netflix Lovers

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There is exciting news for all Netflix lovers and fans of Money Heist. The show, originally names as La casa de Papel is coming up with its season 5. The news has been confirmed by the show’s creator himself. Now, the audience from Spain as well as other places is eagerly waiting for the next update about the same. Till the last season, Money Heist topped all TRP charts of Netflix movies and shows mainly because of the viewership ratings. Now with the news of Money Heist Season 5 releasing, creators are again hopeful that the show will break all its previous records. The tentative time of release according to unofficial sources for the new season is in April 2021.

In this context, it is important to mention that Netflix is yet to come up with any hints or updates about the release time of the new season. However, the suspense is leading to fans speculating what the story in the next part can lead to. Probably, in season 5 of the blockbuster series, you will get to see a few new faces along with the older ones. The stars will include Alvaro Morte (The Professor), Darko Peric (Helsinki), Jaime Lorente (Denver), Itsiar Ituno (Lisbon), Ursula Corbero (Tokyo), Herran (Rio), and Esther Acebo (Stockholm).

Money Heist Season 5- what to expect?

In season 4 of the show, there were scenes of quite a few unfortunate deaths. Out of all, the death of Nairobi came as a shock to the viewers. It was more heartbreaking for viewers to see that Gandia released Nairobi only to shoot her while she was leaving. Her death was more of disheartening news because she was one of the most popular characters in the entire show. The next thing that fans are worried about is the Professor. There is high speculation that the Professor’s life might be at risk in the upcoming season. Now this speculation comes from the ending of Season 4.

The intriguing ending scene of Season 4 shows Alicia Sierra, played by Najwa Nimri holding a gun. She is pointing it to the Professor’s head in a way that looks dangerous. After the scene ended, User Grenadinsuit logged into his Reddit account to categorize all the characters. It is a way of analyzing the entire series and helping fans to speculate what they may expect in the next season.

Grenadinsuit says that he has successfully discovered a kind of pattern in which the flow of the story is regarding the deaths of the characters. He is also quite confident that the makers are thinking in the same way too. He has found connections between pairs of characters in the series. Grenadinsuit adds that according to his pattern and understanding, there will only be one character from each connection that will be alive till the end of the show. Also, there is no official trailer of Money Heist season 5 till now. So, fans have to wait till 2021 for any more hints.