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Moero Crystal Game Trailer

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Moero Crystal is a PS Vita exclusive game. A new trailer is out that gives you a glimpse of new characters of this game. The game release date is considered to be coming on September 25th of this year. The trailer introduces some new characters and its feature. It does not tell much about the gameplay. Also there is no news whether players will be getting any demo of this game to test it. The video shows the girls who will be with Zenox on a mission. Moero Crystal is a part of popular series of Moe Chronicle. It is a kind of role playing game that is developed by Compile Heart. It is a PlayStation Vita exclusive game that offers different series. The first version was released on May 15 and now the second one is coming out in few months.

Moero Crystal Screenshot
Moero Crystal Screenshot

Moero Crystal is the sequel of Moe Chronicle. The game is based on exploring different regions. You can navigate through the map. The game offers you to attack enemy monster girl and then one by one when they keep on losing their cloths they fall up. At the end the players have to use the touchpad controls to rub the girl. The gameplay is very much similar to its previous series but there is a bit better graphics. The game offers choice to player whether he can place the girl in the party or he can simply swap their undergarments. This is one of the primary aspects of monster girl in which all their abilities rely. Checkout the trailer of Moero Crystal for more details from below: