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Modder adds Sonic to the squad of Mario Kart 8

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As the Mario Kart franchise is already open to include characters who are not from the Mushroom Kingdom, many believe it’s a matter of time before we see third-party characters in it. Although it is likely that never happens, fans do not stop dreaming, so someone has already made a mod for Sonic the Hedgehog to appear in Mario Kart 8.

This was possible thanks to the effort of CorBond57, modder that replaced the model of Metal Mario with that of the mascot of SEGA. We must warn you that it is a work in progress, so, although it looks and leads like Sonic, the character still has the sounds of Metal Mario.

Although the latter may break the experience of many players, we find it amusing that Sonic has the voice of who was his arch-enemy for almost a decade. Anyway, if for some reason this bothers you, you’ll be glad to know that CorBond57 is still working to refine this and other aspects of the mod.

As surprising as it may sound, this is not the first mod to hit a Wii U game. Recently, a fan took characters from Pokémon Sun & Moon to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U; Before you get too excited, we must warn you that it is a simple skin for Rosalina.

In other news, in late April Mario Kart 8 Deluxe came to Nintendo Switch, and so far it has been a true success in sales.

Do you want to see Sonic in action in the title of Mario Kart 8? Then play the following video below:

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