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Mobile PUBG: Erangel 2.0 update teaser video shows new features

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As you know the PUBG Mobile Club is opening global finals in Berlin. The short video revealed in which some of the locations are showed. A famous PUBg mobile Youtuber Wynnsanity uploaded a video and talking about a leaked teaser video of the Erangel 2.0update.

This video was in the Chinese version of the mobile game called Game for Peace.
Youtuber first gave a peek into the new Erangel map and then discussed the video.

According to this leaked video new update, Erangel is receiving landscape with more bridges and rivers. On the map, two islands were shown that look like the edges that surrounded by a landmass.

The river is running between the mainland, and in the northern region, a snowcapped mountain is showed. The game will be entered the territory of allowing players to pick character classes.

Every class have special abilities such as a grappling hook to tether to buildings, structures to quickly traverse around the map. All these players have a different logo on their shoulders that depict their classes.

Wynnsanity showed more locations in which prison, Quarry, Pochinki, Malta Power, Military Base, etc. The trailer has landed in China, and we can expect more news in the coming months.