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Things You Should Know About Mobile Number Portability

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Mobile phones have become a necessary thing in our life. But sometimes we get trapped in many problems with it. We use mobile numbers from different operators or different service providers. There are different types of service providers. We can not use every operator at a time. In some countries, whenever they move from one state to one, they have to change the number every time. But, won’t it be more helpful if you can have one single phone number in all the operators? For this, we have been introduced to MNP or Mobile Number Portability.

What is MNP

The elaborated form of MNP is Mobile number portability. MNP is a service that helps you to use one number while changing the operator or service provider. Elaborately, you have one cell phone or smartphone and have one or two mobile numbers. But, when you want to use another operator, then you have to change your previous phone number, which is kinda hectic. Isn’t it? But with Mobile Number Portability (MNP) services, you do not need to change the previous name. You can use another operator with the same last number.

So, you will be able to change the operator as your wish while you’ll have the same number. It will save you from changing the names a lot. People will find you in the same amount for always. So, the problem of changing numbers frequently has gone now.

How does mobile number portability work 

Previously, we have got to know about the Mobile Number Portability or MNP service. What is it? How is it, etc. Now, it is time to understand the working process of it. How does the MNP service work? Do you know? Maybe not. So, let’s start.

Mobile number portability is now available in many countries in the world. It has been implemented in many different ways around the globe. If we talk about the International system, then there is a system based on donor and recipient. If anyone wants to port a mobile number, then his or her current network will be known as “Donor.” Again, the new network will be known as “Recipient.” Whenever a customer wishes to port a number, firstly, he or she needs to contact the new system. 

There are two types of Mobile number portability system. One is “Recipient-Led” porting, and the other one is “Donor-Led” porting. The “recipient-led” porting system is international and widely used in European standards. On the other hand, in the UK and India, they are using the second one. That means they are using “Donor-Led” porting for Mobile number portability. These two countries are the exceptional ones. In the “recipient-led” portation system, a customer needs to contact the new network or the recipient. Then, the network sends a request named “Number Portability Request” or NPR to the current system or the donor.

In the “donor-led” portation system, a customer needs to contact the donor to obtain PAC in the UK. And the same goes for India to get the Unique Porting Code or UPC. This PAC or UPC is then has given to the recipient. By contacting the donor, then the recipient continues the portation process with a porting code.

Technical Approach to switching mobile number portability

We got to know many things about MNP. Right? But! What is the technology behind this? Do you know about the technical approach behind this? If the answer is No, then this sector is for you. We are going to discuss the technology strategy behind switching. 

It is kind of shocking how they will manage these enormous numbers of portations. So, there is a technical process. In this process, a number of the native range will be translated to the SIM’s IMSI number. Their prefix can recognize an unknown name. When a number is MNP activated, a translation directory will be introduced. In this directory, each entry will be translated into a carrier entry. Usually, there is an updated or copied central directory. This directory is frequently copied or updated by all carriers. But, still, numbers outside of the list can be recognized by their prefixes. Technically, we can say that this system is kinda similar to routing table entries in packer networking.

Steps to mobile number portability

There are some steps, or we can say, a procedure for getting the MNP service. So, what are they? Let’s find out.

Step-1: Firstly, you need to choose the operator that you wish to port your number. 

Step-2: Next, send a text message to the assigned number to port your number. 

Step-3: In the “Recipient-Led” system, you do not need to go to the operator care. But if you are in the “Donor-Led” policy, then you have to visit your nearest operator store. After telling them that you want to port your sim, they will help you with the next steps. They will help you fill-up the porting and customer acquisition form.

Step-4: Next, submit your porting form and CAF along with requisite documentary proof. 

Step-5: Once you are done with these formalities, you will have to wait. Usually, it takes 7-15 days. After that, you will get the service. 

Benefits of MNP service

There are many benefits to the MNP service. Do you know about these? Many people are confused about this. So, let’s go and find out the benefits.


  • Keeping your mobile number unchanged, you can shift your old operator to a new and better one. Thus, you need not inform anyone about the unique number. This is an excellent benefit to businessmen and professionals because they may suffer losses due to changing mobile numbers.
  • The steps or formalities to get MNP are not that tough. It is quite easy.
  •  The mobile gets dead for a maximum of 2 hours during the portation to a new operator. Nothing to worry as this range of 2 hours will be between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.
  • With this, the MNP has minimized the risk of any loss to the customer. 
  • The whole process, MNP, will take a maximum of fifteen days only.
  • A competition will run in the telecom industry. Every service provider will try to provide quality service at the cheapest rates. This competition is nothing but will give huge benefits to us.
  • As theMNP service came up, the service providers are planning to offer some attractive plans. They are thinking of introducing amazon and beautiful tariff plans to hold the customer on their network.   

Disadvantages of MNP service

In the previous section, we got to know about the benefits of the Mobile number portability or MNP service. What are you thinking about now? Benefits are all that MNP will provide you? No! There is also another side of MNP. Believe it or not, MNP has many disadvantages also. Let’s check out those.

  • MNP is going to be a big part of the telecommunication industry. But it is also going to harm some operators that are followed by low profits. MNP service will bring higher marketing expenses. And the operators with lower profits will face problems holding the market.
  • At this present time. Mobile numbers are a very important tool for any type of investigation. Mobile numbers help police to investigate the sim card owner. Because the owner can be criminal, so Criminals can take the opportunity of 90 days’ portation and misuse this. This can become a new problem for the police department.
  • If we talk about India, then there are many more things. 80% of the Indian mobile user uses prepaid service. For this, there is a big disadvantage of having MNP service there. That is, one will lose all his or her remaining balance in the prepaid account on porting to a new number.
  • Another thing about India and MNP is the churn rate. Churn rate in India is already very high, so the MNP may be insignificant. Mobile users in India are used to having multi sim cards mobile. They are also used to changing sim cards. So, this may not impact them. Even customers may not want to go through the process of MNP. 

Cautions needed to be considered about having MNP.

 We got to know that, like any other thing on this planet, MNP also has two sides. One is beneficial, and the other one is non-beneficial. So, for this, there are many cautions that one needs to consider having MNP. One should take care of the following cautions:

  • This is for prepaid users. You should try to port your mobile number when you have a very low balance or zero balance in the old one because this balance will not be transferred to the new one. As the mobile number will remain the same, you may not get back the balance from the old operator.
  • This is for postpaid users. You must clear all of your pending bills before applying for MNP. Because, if the old operator has some unpaid bills, then they will reject your application. So, you will not be able to port your mobile number.
  • Remember, once you are ported to a new operator, you must use this for the next 90 days. Elaborately saying, after porting to a new operator, you can not change this in the next 90 days. Even you can’t go back to your previous operator before 90 days. So, you need to be so careful before having an MNP service.
  • Every single time you change the operator, you have to go through the whole process of MNP. Going through this complete process, every time is kinda hectic. To prevent this, you need to choose the operator very carefully.

These are the four main cautions that one person needs to consider when having MNP. Other than that, he or she may have to face some problems. So, for your ease, you should consider these carefully.


Question-1: What is the full form of MNP?

  • The full form or elaborate form is ” Mobile number portability.” 

Question-2: Is MNP helpful in a federal country?

  • Obviously! In federal countries, one has to change the number every time traveling to another state, which is hectic. For this, MNP service is really helpful in federal countries.    

Question-3: Does MNP have any disadvantages?

  • Yes! MNP has some disadvantages, but in comparison with the benefits, those are nothing.   

Question-4: Can I port my phone number whenever I want?

  • Not exactly whenever cause there are some rules.  After those 90 days, you can again port and use it for a minimum of 90 days. Then again, you can port if you want. 

Final Insight

We all have heard about MNP. But we, the general people, don’t know about this much. As it is beneficial for us, we need to know about this. For this lack of knowledge, some are facing problems. So, we came up to help you with this. We researched it and found all the things that you need to know. In this MNP related article, we tried to present the research-driven facts. We hope you find it useful. Thank you for being with us.