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Mobile-Game Market more profitable than PC and Console

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For the first time, the video games for mobile in 2016 will generate more revenue counterparty for PC and consoles. According to new estimates published by Newzoo, smartphones and tablets this year will account for 37% of 99.58 billion dollars in total sales of games worldwide, compared to 32% achieved on the PC games and 31% on gaming consoles.

Newzoo 2016 Global Games Market

This year, the video game market is expected to generate about $100 billion worldwide, according to a study published by Newzoo. The sector thus benefits from an increase of 8.5% compared to 2015.

And this rise is accompanied by a tilt in the distribution of values, since the video game on mobile now exceeds 37% of market share that weighs around $36.9 billion. Henceforth, the mobile game exceeds the share of the market of PC (27 %) and that of the gaming consoles (29%).

The scales is mainly explained by the democratization of smartphones throughout worldwide: there are now more users on smartphone under Android or iOS than there are PC owners or console players devoted to gaming.

The mode of Free to Play became king over mobile and it is also involved in increasing the mobile market share in the video game: in-app purchases are for sale and they show much more profitable than the sale of paid titles. Another element to consider: the development costs of mobile that are much lower compared to the console or PC.

This rise of video game on mobile is mainly at the expense of portable gaming systems whose sales fell by 24% compared to 2015.