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Miyamoto expresses concerns about Virtual Reality

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Again, Shigeru Miyamoto shared his opinion on virtual reality, where he mentioned that, although certain problems have already been solved, he still has some concerns about this technology.

“In terms of being together online in virtual reality, I think a lot of the problems have been solved or are starting to be solved,” Miyamoto said in an interview with Time. “This is something that we’re looking into, too.”

However, for Miyamoto the situation that deserves attention is related to players who are minors. “When I see people play virtual reality, it makes me worry, just as for example if a parent were to see their kid playing virtual reality, it would probably make them worry”

Miyamoto also mentioned the problems that exist in the matter of development, because it is difficult to make experiences short but concise for virtual reality. “Another issue and challenge that I think everybody faces is how to create an experience that’s both short enough while also fully fleshed out in virtual reality,” he continued.

Earlier, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima mentioned that the company is investigating the virtual reality, however, he made it clear that the only way the Nintendo Switch will support this technology will be if problems related to comfort and the long gaming sessions.

Recently, Miyamoto also talked about the importance of history in video games and commented that Satoru Iwata, who died in 2015, was a key player in the development of the Nintendo Switch.