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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Map is surprisingly Huge, according to Dice

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DICE developers have recently revealed that the map of the city in which the adventure of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be held is really huge. And to show it, the creative developer published a 3D map showing the Anchor district, one of the explorable areas of the city.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Map

Electronic Arts and DICE have released an interactive map of the expected result of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. “The whole city will be explorable” DICE said in a Twitter post. “Today we’ve only shown you the Anchor district, but more will follow,” the developer continued. The company said it will be showing more districts in the following weeks.

The map gives an idea of the size of the City of Glass, the open-world arena of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Through this link you can see, among other things, some of the places you can visit with Faith in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

As you know, the city of Glass is divided by a number of districts, which we see in this 3D map represented by a series of icons. If you click on them, you will access a complete description of the place, and other aspects. Additionally, they only have shared the ‘Anchor’ area, only a quarter of the game.

Furthermore DICE on Twitter reported that the entire area that you see on the interactive map is explorable in-game. So you can go wherever you want in the vast world that is in the game at your feet. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst promises to be a worthy successor to the fantastic first section.

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was scheduled for May 24, 2016, but a delay in its programming established June 7 as the final release date of the game on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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