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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Gameplay Teaser Trailer

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the new edition of Mirrors Edge series that is going to release on February 23, 2016 on different gaming platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The game has gained nice popularity at the time of its release. It offers a very unique but amazing gameplay where players will be performing die hard parkour stunts. The new version now brings more action and adventure. A short gameplay teaser video is out that tells you a lot more about this new edition. The new gameplay teaser is just impressive with amazing stunts you will be setting in this upcoming game. The game has a quite long time to come and I am quite sure after watching the trailer it will make you curious. For those who had not played the first version will have to spend some time in understanding its gameplay. The new trailer is out that you can checkout below from the tweet which offers a glimpse of the game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Screenshot
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Screenshot

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is very different this time and also brings few combat in the gameplay. The game has story mission as well as free roam mode. That means once you are not in a mood to play further mission you can wander around in the city and checkout different places. This is like having an unlimited mode of jumping upon different buildings. You can simply explore the entire part of the city that has huge skyscraper mostly made from Glass. As per the developer this game will be coming on February 23rd first in North America and then after that on Feb 25 in Europe.