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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Developer Diary Trailer shows City of Glass and History

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DICE and Electronic Arts have released a new Developer Diary to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in which the studio talks about the city and the narrative of the game.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Sentinel

Some of the topics covered are the background of the plot, architectural design, the features of the game and the “challenge of portraying the nightlife of the city.” The City of Glass is described by the developers of DICE who explain what has changed. We learn for example that many neighborhoods feature the City of Glass, offering each time a different atmosphere. The integration of weather and day/night cycle will change radically the way to see the city.

In its past Developer Diary, the team had presented the gameplay and free exploration of Catalyst,in addition to the combat and movement. In the next month, DICE will offer a small talk on EGX Rezzed 2016, where the director of design, Erik Odeldahl, will discuss the sources of inspiration and the creative process of Mirror’s Edge.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 24, 2016.

Remember also that the publisher Electronic Arts has detailed the enemies that Faith will meet. Several categories of opponents are detailed on the official website and some of them below:

Guardians: The most common face of KrugerSec to a well behaved employ. A constant reminder to the employs to closely follow Conglomerate policy and keep job performance high.

Protectors: An uncommon and uncomfortable sight for Employs as their presence is often associated with direct policy enforcement, a demotion, or even deportation to lower caste facilities. Resistant to damage and able to counter or retaliate against repeated attacks, their increased level of competence and protective gear make them a serious threat when found in groups.

Sentinel: They are the Elite level of KrugerSec and represent the highest trained enemy you will face. The training program is shrouded in secrecy but their effectiveness is undebatable. They keep employs safe – often from themselves.