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Minecraft TU25/CU14/1.17 Patch with New DLC download now available

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4J Studio’s has confirmed that the next patch for Minecraft  will be having some new content and with that it is also going to update the game for better output. There are two DLC that will be coming out with this new patch. One will be free and another will be premium. It is obvious that the paid content will have more new stuff to see. This content will be coming out for the Xbox 360 first and then later on after sometime the same is going to be come out for other platforms like PlayStation and PS Vista.

Minecraft Pics
Minecraft Pics

There are in total three patch version here. This includes TU25, CU14 and 1.17 patch. Among this the TU25 patch which is also known as Title Update 25 will be Xbox One exclusive. The second one is CU14, also known as Content Update 14 for the PlayStation and the last one is Patch 1.17 that will be for PS Vita.

It is quite a long time that we had heard about any kind of new upcoming patches or content. But somehow the game makes its way in the new version back again with this three new upcoming patches. For PC users there is nothing much and the same goes for the mobile version. If we checkout the Minecraft platform, it is having most of its users on PC or on the mobile device. So it is possible that after this entire patch there might be some more coming out for the other pending platforms. But yet nothing is confirmed about the same. With this we are also waiting to find more about the free and premium DLC that is entirely separate.