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Minecraft: Story Mode download available in 2015

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Minecraft is a popular open world game and now there is exciting news about an upcoming new version of Minecraft that will take you to a bit distinct world. This is called as Minecraft: Story Mode. The game is created in collaboration with Telltale Games. This is a popular game developer that gives amazing story based games and now they are ready to put their hands on Minecraft.

Minecraft Story Mode Screenshot
Minecraft Story Mode Screenshot

Minecraft: Story Mode game will be having a narrative story mode that will have interesting gameplot. The game will not lose its originality here, but we are really excited to see how Telltale Games will modify and add a story mode in the same. Expecting not to have a much 2D UI that makes the game still a bit dull to play. The game is all set to release in the coming months. Officially the game developer has said nothing about the release. But it would be probably this year. To get a bit more detail about the actual gameplay you can have a look on the story mode demo on Telltale Games official website here.

A short video below shows you virtual characters who chat among each other and more game details are revealed on the same. The game release or launch is not yet confirmed. So that is a bit surprising and we are expecting to have a lot of new stuff on the same. It is found that Telltale Games will try to add the essence of its signature gameplay of character conversation and will make the new version a lot more exciting.  Watch the Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer below: