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Minecraft save data file from Wii U to Nintendo Switch can be transferred now

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Did you buy Minecraft for Wii U but are you currently playing the title on Nintendo Switch? Then there’s good news for you because you can now transfer your old save data file to the new Nintendo console.

The company announced that it is now possible to transfer save games from Wii U to Nintendo Switch. The main thing to access this feature will be to have both consoles and versions of the game updated.

Once you start the Wii U version, you should make sure you are online. Select the save file and then press “Transfer to Switch”. Follow the directions and that will suffice to continue your adventure on the new system.

Minecraft came to Switch in May and we recently learned that you will receive the Better Together update this winter. This will allow crossplay between all versions of the game, except PS4 and PS Vita.

In brief, users of Xbox One, Windows 10, VR, mobile devices and Nintendo Switch can play Minecraft together. This will be possible thanks to the Better Together update, which is already available on Xbox One, PC, and mobile. The version for Switch will arrive a little later and Mojang has not confirmed an exact date for this yet.

Despite this, the company shared a message about the arrival of this update. Mojang said that it is working continuously to launch Better Together as soon as possible on the Nintendo console.