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Minecraft in Unreal Engine 4 available for download

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A fan of Minecraft has sought to recreate a universe very similar with the graphics engine of Unreal Engine 4. The result is visible in the video and a version is available for download.

Minecraft in Unreal Engine 4 Screenshot

One of the most popular games of the last year, Minecraft has a large community of players. The title of Mojang development studio offers rendering in ​​identifiable graphic, leveraging made ​​very cubic and procedurally generated environments.

John Alcatraz, a fan of the game, decided to try to show a voxel-based world in graphics engine of Unreal Engine 4. If the project – Visible in the video and pictures below – is almost identical to Minecraft, the designer said he did not seek to produce an absolute Minecraft with the engine from Epic Games.

Its objective is to demonstrate the ease of performing a voxels game with good performance and using the Unreal Engine 4, using blueprints, visual components that can link objects to behavior. Rendering of Minecraft type is obvious because Alcatraz dug into the texture packs available on the Internet for graphics rendering at all.

If you want to test this demo, the developer has released all the files, which can be downloaded at this address. In terms of opportunities, in addition to the random generation of environments, it is possible to harvest resources and build some elements.

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