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Minecraft Greek Mythology DLC download available on Xbox One and PS4

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Minecraft is quite a popular simulation game that lets players to do anything they want. They can create their own world, characters and play with others. The game now gets a new DLC that brings up Greek characters in Minecraft. This is available in the form of DLC that costs around $3.99 and adds different popular Greek mythology characters in this game. Minecraft Greek Mythology DLC is out and can be added in your game. This pack offers you to build your own world with around 39 new character skins. It also has a custom text feature set that can be used to make something from your own imagination. The pack will offer you new UI that is lot easier to use and simple to manage. And with this the last thing the pack brings is a set of new sound track that fits the theme completely. So if you are ready to introduce some ancient Greek heroes and villains then this pack is for you.

Minecraft Greek Mythology DLC Screenshot
Minecraft Greek Mythology DLC Screenshot

The pack offer monsters like Hydra, Medusa, etc; in Minecraft game. With this it also adds some Greek GODs like Zeus, Aphrodite, Hades, etc. It is amazing and quite impressive. You can check out few details about the pack in the below video. This is a kind of Greek mash up that offers you lot to do in the game. Minecraft has got regular new DLC that adds new content in this game. It is very easy to play and is also considered as a highly popular game and this kind of updates makes it more interesting.