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Minecraft fans reproduce replica of GTA V’s city of Los Santos

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Several years after its release, Minecraft remains a popular license with the players, and some engage in gigantic construction projects.

Minecraft Los Santos City
Minecraft Los Santos City

Minecraft is a game where creativity is pushed up freedomly, and some players will not hesitate to use their creativity to make simply amazing environments.

Recently there is the creation of a computer associated with a screen and a word processor that was spoken today among fans of GTA V who recreated the city of Los Santos in full, cube after cube.

The city of GTA V has been reproduced to perfection, or at least part for now since the project is still ongoing. The project was launched in January 2015 and there is a lot of cubes to dig, places, and move ahead. Finally, the map should represent an area of ​​7500 x 7500 blocks.

Meanwhile, Microsoft, which bought the title in 2014, announced the upcoming launch of a version “Education” of Minecraft, which should be installed in US schools.

The idea will be to learn the working group of students while developing their creativity. To promote the adoption of its title, Microsoft has already announced that the license would be charged at 5 dollars a year after the free trial period.

Watch the GTA 5 in Minecraft cinematic trailer below:

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