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E3 2019: Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay Revealed, Releases in 2020

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The next game in the Minecraft franchise won a release date during the Microsoft conference at E3 2019. During the beginning of its conference of this E3 2019, Microsoft revealed for the first time a new game from the creators of Minecraft and its name is Minecraft Dungeons.

According to the information presented, Minecraft Dungeons is a new action/adventure, with elements of dungeon crawler and RPG. Minecraft Dungeons had the release scheduled for this year, but ended up earning a release date for the beginning of 2020.

The new title will be an adventure for up to four players and will maintain the identity of the universe that we are already accustomed to seeing, but all with an improved visual and new visual effects particles.

The game will be a dungeon crawler, will have a missions system and will have four predefined characters – a swordsman, a magician, a warrior with a hammer and a ladina – and it will be possible to customize them. Some NPCs, like monsters and other known players, will also be present. More details are already present on the official website.

Minecraft Dungeons is planned to release in 2020, and, for now, only confirmed for PC. Check the gameplay trailer shown at E3 2019 below.

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