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Mike Tyson Will Fight a White Shark on Discovery Show ‘Shark Week’

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We have seen how opponents have tried to escape in fear when they are fighting Mike Tyson during his violent and vicious prime. Now this time Tyson will get to experience the same. He will know how his opponents feel against him when he is fighting at the best of his power. It is because the famous fighter will dive deep down the sea to fight against a Giant White Shark. The one-on-one fight with the massive ocean predator will be telecasted on the Discovery Channel. It will be a part of the show known as the “Shark Week.” 

According to the channel’s announcement, the telecast is scheduled at 9 PM, ET on August 9. The episode name will be “Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef,” and the iron man will go deep down the see for interaction with the shark as a part of research activity. To further enhance the feel of the episode, Michael Buffer, ring announcer of “Hall of Fame” will do a running commentary throughout the proceedings of the show.

Mike Tyson says that the major reason for which he took up the challenge was to overcome fears that he is still dealing with in life. He feels that doing this activity is nothing short of him returning to the ring at 54- years of age. It seems that Tyson’s statement is a reply enough for the speculations of him making a comeback.

Mike Tyson is a brave-heart

The veteran fighter is an inspiration, and we admire him more after what he said. Tyson said that the fight with the shark is yet another opportunity for him to understand his potential. He is gauging the challenge as one that he has to overcome to prove himself. According to him, these are challenges that show how nothing is impossible, and also make him feel closer to the Almighty.

In a video that went viral, Mike Tyson was seen running across the beach just like David Hasselhoff from “Baywatch.” He then effortlessly flips over a steel cage and then breaks a surfboard by punching it. Finally, he started inflating a rubber raft with his mouth during which he struggles a little.

Tyson then exclaims with a smile after completing the activity that the “Shark Week” is going to be tougher than this for sure. In a big press conference arranged by the Discovery Channel, Mike Tyson will show us how technology and science can be merged to bring out the mysterious lives of sharks. They believe that Tyson’s camera will captures scenes that the viewers have never seen before in life.

The viewers are quite excited about the show

There is one more thing that the viewers are speculating about a 1997 bout between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. We hope that he will not sink his teeth on a shark just like he did on his opponent’s body back then. However, in this context, the channel confirms that no animals will be hurt during the shoot of the episode.

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The major reason is that Tyson knows doing something weird will in turn invite trouble for him. So, he won’t want that to happen by any chance. Back in 2017, ace swimmer Michael Phelps raced with a Giant White Shark, and it was telecasted on TV. However, in this case, the Discovery Channel assures people that Tyson’s interaction with sharks will be less crazy than you can imagine now.

Dealing with the big cats

Two decades back, Mike Tyson had to go to prison. After his release, the world got to know about his big pet cats (read tigers). These wild animals were like his family and he let them sleep on his bed as well. However, the heavyweight champion confesses now that it was foolish of him to do something so dangerous.

According to him, such wild animals cannot be tamed completely, and they may kill you as well. Especially, during a game, if you are playing with these tigers, and you punch them, they may get angry. As a result, they may set their paws on you, and it will be hard for you to dodge that. Mike says that he was young back then, and pretty unaware of certain things. So, trying to domesticate such beasts was a mistake, and he has realized the same now.

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