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Mighty No.9 game delayed rumored to 2016

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Mighty No.9 is bit delayed but the game is still available for pre-purchase on Steam for $19.99 USD. But the game is delayed upto next year. A proper release date is not yet confirmed. On Steam the date for the game release is around 15 September 2015. Yet the game developer has not provided any light on the same. It is also found through certain news sources that the digital download of the game might be available till September 15, but when it comes to physical copy of the game then it would be delayed for next year. The game is going to come on different platforms. This includes all old and next gen-consoles and portable platforms like PlayStation Vita and 3DS. The game will be also coming on PC. The game is quite in news from sometime. It brings up amazing action platform video game that offers you to play with different characters. The game was funded through Kickstarter.

Mighty No.9 Screenshot
Mighty No.9 Screenshot

Mighty No.9 mostly focuses on the 2D platform where you will be playing it on a side scrolling basis. It is a classic Japanese game. There is a gameplay video of Mighty No.9 that you can check out on YouTube.  The game is bit outdated but still many are finding it interesting to play. That is the reason the game got a good support through Kickstarter.  The game looks cool and offers ample of great levels to play with. Hope this would come out early for players. The game will also come on Linux platform. Checkout the gameplay video of Mighty No.9 below:

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